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A blogger Russian finds herself with square boobs after her surgery!

square boobs

Yulia Debbagkh, a blogger from Moscow of thirty years old,  provides tips for “beauty” and make-up tips on the web, has had a bad surprise. One of her breast implants posed a little more than ten years previously, has ended up by being deformed with a curved shape of strangely rectangular. Seeking solace with her followers, which consists in the hope of receiving a care-spa in a pool of piranhas, the young woman has naturally triggered a mocking festival of comments, between the aesthetes who call for a new surgery for triangular breast this time, and the humorist level “end of college” that is clever of the nickname “square boobs”, “square tits “, etc.

Faced with the impossibility of manually re-orient the prosthesis, Yulia, therefore, returned to the clinic for a transaction that has placed the new implant under the muscle and not on top as was done previously.


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