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A man was urgently admitted to the Bangkok hospital for an injury to the penis which flowed an uninterrupted stream of blood after having a Thai strip live sex. After its distress call the rescue had found him naked in his apartment, beginning to hold his cock into his hands. Particularly uncooperative, he would always say, “I was watching porn, I watched porn” in an apparent crisis of dementia.

This is a once rescued and roughly patched up it was finally brought to the table. The facts would be particularly excited, it is a good little hardcore on his laptop with the idea to relieve himself. Then he would cut the penis with a knife while continuing to masturbate, accusing the X video of having brought him to such extremities, without knowing very well why.

The ill will in spite of everything is serious, if not an ugly scar on the tail and a few questions about his mental health…

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