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At A time when the majority of people wants to stay young at all costs, this is a study published in the journal British Psychological Society gives us a recipe to achieve this goal.

Also, there is no need to use anti-wrinkle creams or Botox injections to retain an eternal youth, it is enough to kiss and several times of live sex a week.

This may come as a surprise, but such is the result of a very serious study conducted by David Weeks, a neuropsychologist hospital Edinburgh (Scotland), on a sample of 3500 persons aged 20 to 104 years old.

They have had to answer a very complete questionnaire  about their lifestyle and their habits before moving in front of a jury of 6 people who had to define their age.

However, it turns out that the individuals who appeared to be younger than their marital status are those who regularly practice sport, but also who have a sexual life particularly active, no less than 2-3 times of live sex a week.

Making love three times per week would earn from 7 to 12 years, an argument that should encourage more than one to practice live sex more frequently.

This new study reinforces the idea that sex is good for health, because, remember, as previous work has shown that ejaculate two times per week reduced the risk of cardiovascular disease and that, for women, stroking of the breasts reduces the risk of breast cancer.

Therefore, if live sex provides so many benefits, do not hesitate to fuck !

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