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Young people are diversifying their live sex activities!

Young people are diversifying their live sex activities

In the United Kingdom this study was carried out on nearly 45 000 people, and in the journal Journal of Adolescent Heatlh has been published.

This study, conducted every 10 years since 1990, has unearthed evidence ! In fact, the current generations would be less likely to use drugs, drink or commit crimes than previous generations.

In fact, the study demonstrates that the time between the first kiss and the first sexual intercourse, for example, has declined considerably. And if oral sex and vaginal one is still the combination of live sex activities, the most common thing is that among heterosexual 16-24-year-old people, the high rate of anal sex also has exploded.

The increase in the most important practice of fellatio has been observed by the age group of 16-18 years.

But one of the researchers cautions that this study has its limitations. In fact, the volunteers in this experiment have answered themselves to the questionnaires. These responses may be influenced by the social norms of the current…

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